Services We Provide
Drilling Services
  • Monitoring Wells
  • Split Spoon Sampling
  • HydroPunch
  • Geotech
  • Test Borings
  • Rock Coring
  • Environmental Drilling
Geoprobe Services
  • Multi Rig Fleet
  • Soil, Water & Gas Sampling
  • Probe / Auger Rigs
  • Well Installation
  • Limited Access & Tracked Units
  • DEPTH TO 150'
Vactron Services
Do you know where your utilities are?  Working on private property?  
You no longer have to solely rely on the marks from Dig Safe / One Call.
LAWES has acquired this Vactron unit to
safely excavate soils at anticipated drilling /
probing locations to help insure that the
location is clear of underground utilities &
constructions.  This unit works in
conjunction with a high-pressure water jet to
dislodge the soil for easy removal by the
vacuum system.